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Ultimate JOHN DEERE Tractor of the 1990's | 8400

Ultimate JOHN DEERE Tractor of the 1990's |  8400

In this video Big Tractor Power take’s a look at the iconic 225 hp JOHN DEERE 8400 Tractor. The video take’s viewers back to 1989 to show an early prototype of the John Deere 8400 and talks about the significance of the introduction of the big 8400 in 1995. The video shares the specifications, variations including the 8400T tracked tractor and the original price tag of the tractor. Watch for additional JOHN DEERE tractors including a 4960, 4955, 4850, 4630 and an 8630.

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30 commenti su “Ultimate JOHN DEERE Tractor of the 1990's | 8400”

  1. I always liked the Massey Ferguson and John Deere tractors. Though there are other big tractors,
    like the Internationals, those two seemed to stand out in the field. Their appearance and design
    were what really drew me to them.

  2. May be a stupid question, but why is he planting into what looks like straight weeds? I understand no-till and everything, but that seems like it should have been sprayed with Roundup or something to knock all of that down before planting.

  3. It's interesting, why they re-designed prototype of future 8000 series. They wanted to create better tractor than Case Magnum 7100 series?

    You're planning to create something about Magnums 2+2 design? As I remember, You have something about Magnum MX 2+2.

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