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Soukya – Organic Farming

Soukya - Organic Farming

At SOUKYA, our biggest assets are our human resources. Most of our staff have worked with us for a decade or more and are deeply passionate about the work they do. Today we introduce you to Ramesh, a key member of our gardening team. He shares his farming practices and passion with us.
“We use only organic manure like cow dung, vermicompost, neem cakes and pongamia. First banana leaves are cut into small fragments and put into a pit, then powdered cow dung is added, we then add a bucket of water, we make sure it is not too watery, and leave the mixture for a day. On day 2 earth worms are added to this mixture. After 41 days the compost is ready to be added as manure to our crop. This is a healthy compost that can be used for all crop. Seeing so many people benefiting from my healthy organic produce makes me very happy.”

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