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Orchids in water culture

1st video showing 7 of my orchids with flower spikes after converting them to water culture.


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  1. oh my god thats so pretty i really want to buy one and wash the roots and put it in water do u recommend i wait a little to replant it in water or can i just do it the same day i buy it

  2. I see leca? How do you work that in? And please…please make a more step by step of your water culture sorcery! I saw your other video and as soon as you got to the good part it was o er 😢 We need more!!! 🤣

  3. Hello. Seems to be very interessant. I would like to try. But what do you call 'water culture'? Do you put them once a week in water and then leave in the dry air, or is there water in your containers, that we don't see in the video?

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