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video dimostrativo del trattorino John Deere X300R


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  1. This riding mower cannot discharge the grass properly because its outlet is too small and the fan is not efficient. One solution is to mow your lawn every 3 days (2 days in the spring) in order to mow a very small amount of grass. If you wait one week, the grass outlet will be blocked all the time. Conclusion: this machine is made to mow when you have no grass, a machine to mow in the desert!

  2. anyone know how the blades placed . I had to keep cutting edge facing each other. They turning in opposite directions. I removed the blades too sharpen and i forgot the directions.

  3. I HATE this mower!!! This is a replacement of a previous model I had, which was just as night-marish. I though by getting the rear bagging system would eliminate the plugging up of the shoot. WRONG!!! So disappointed. I have to stop about every 5 minutes to remove the rear bag, the shoot and then get down underneath and chizzle grass from inside the part the tube attaches too. Takes time and frustration. Then you are left with big square clumps of grass, which look just like horse shit, all over the place. My dog tries to eat it. I went back to John Deere and voiced my frustrations. Met with the salesman, parts manager and the guy that is supposed to make customers happy. They told me that the shoot plugs up because the grass is wet and that I have to wait until 3pm to mow! Hahahahaha, really? If landscape companies all waited for the grass to be dry at 3pm, they would all be out of business. I could not believe my ears. They were supposed to bring me another mower to try out and possibly do a trade and that never happened. Lots of telephone tag, but they didn't stay on top of it. I won't buy another Deere again from that place.

  4. The exit hole into the shoot tube is too small and I constantly get blockages. Easiest way to clear is make a small tool like a claw with two bent prongs, attach to a longest stick, say 3 feet or a metre, poke in the hole and twist and it pulls out all the shite, clear the wheels and belt below, fire up and bingo, ready to rock and roll again, but don't forget to put the shoot tube back!, unlike me, half an acre later and the grass bag is empty and the mower was dragging mulch for miles! Opps!

  5. A lot of work removing the deck, they both seem to plug up to easy for my taste. I think the power flow with the caster wheel cart works better the both of these do and you can remove it when not needed. I bet the length of the lawn mower isn't much longer. very messy dumps or was that done on purpose? I'll stick with Gator mulching blades a side discharge, faster and better for the lawn.

  6. I strongly recommend to buy this beautiful machine, for the following reasons:
    1. he mouth too fast at the turbine.
    2. For the lead, it takes you 20 minutes, en you need an elevator, because the turbine has everything packed into the drive
    3. Whenever you turn right, even slightly, it remains a straight line between the mowed strip
    4. On a gently sloping terrain, the plate swings down. This gives a height difference of mowing 3 to 4 cm between the two sides.

  7. To clear it requires removing the shoot (easy), reaching in from the top of the deck to pull out what you can, then tipping the mower up on it's side & reaching under to get the rest out (not so easy).

    Small sticks, leaves & other debris can block the shoot easy which is a lot narrower than the older models.

  8. I just bought one of these. After previously owning a LTR180 & before that a LTR155.

    In the video it shows happy mowing of wet grass. In the real world its not so happy. The sensor dosn't always stop the cutting when the shoot is blocked, the fan continues to pack grass into area immediately next the fan.

  9. I just bought an x300R…it is without question the best unit on the market……the rear discharge is an incredible asset!….allows u to travel between trees and do a great job..I love it!

  10. @gfalfa
    E' una informazione sbagliata quella che tu dai! i modelli prodotti da Castelgarden sono: CR125, LR135 ed LR175.
    il resto dei modelli escluso i trattori compatti 20C e 25C (Goldoni) sono prodotti da John Deere per lo più in America.

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