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John Deere 4640 Tractor Sold for Record Price Today on Minnesota Farm Auction

John Deere 4640 Tractor Sold for Record Price Today on Minnesota Farm Auction

Video from the Robert Langland Trust farm auction today (August 3, 2019) in Bingham Lake, MN of a 1979 John Deere 4640 tractor with only 826 original hours selling for new record high auction sale price. Also watch a sharp 1977 John Deere 4430 with only 1,367 original hours sell for tied 3rd highest auction price ever. Sale by Sullivan Auctioneers


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  1. I had a 4640 and it was an excellent tractor to me. Bought it with 4471 hours and sold it after I quit farming with 6650 hours. If I would have had work for it I would have kept it. Only needed to rebuild the water pump and charge the air conditioning during those hours. Oil changes at 100- 150 hours and used the JD plus 50 oil. Think it would have made 15,000 hour the way I cared for it. Served me well!

  2. I had a 4640, as I stated on another tractor sale. If I had purchased my 1980 4640 outright instead of trading another for it, the price would have been $36,000. It was one heck of a tractor.

  3. Tractors bringing ridiculous prices … sure it’s nice but it’s old … the dollar is worth nothing anymore and corn is still 3.50 4 $ a bushel … meanwhile machinery goes up… and currency wars aren’t real and fed has it all under control …

  4. About the only good thing I can see as to Kinzenbaw getting it is that it will be preserved for posterity's sake instead of being worn into a pile of junk on a farm. There are other 4640's that are not pristine that can be used for farm work. The 4640 is probably the finest tractor that John Deere made after the 4020's and the 730's. After the Iron Horse series John Deere never did make a good tractor again.

  5. As a far as things are concerned it must be nice to have the money that JK has to come in & scoop up these tractors.On a positive note he will not be able to take any of this stuff with him when he passes away.The farm economy cannot be that bad for nearly 100 grand to be spent on 2 1970s tractors

  6. nice to see the family getting top dollar for the tractors they obviously took care of, now they are taking care of the family by bringing top dollar no matter who the bidder was. Seems to me everyone got the best from the auction.

  7. So instead of somebody's having a chance to purchase a good quality older tractor at a reasonable price to use it for what it was INTENDED FOR, some Rich old guy steps in and bits the price Way up so that he could add it to his "collection". It just seems like a dirty shame. That old guys probably going to be pushing up daisies pretty soon what's he going to do with something like that? Just stand there and look at it in his "collection"? I'll make sure never to visit the Kenze Center. Sorry if I sound like a party pooper but that stuff just irks me.

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