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Hydroponic Method | Money plant Grow In Water | पानी मैं उगाए मनी प्लांट | #shorts @Tedibagiya

Hydroponic Method | Money plant Grow In Water | पानी मैं उगाए मनी प्लांट | #shorts @Tedibagiya

1. Kraft Seeds Gate Garden Spectacular Gardening Tools Set with Heavy Gardening Cut Tool and One Pair Hand Gloves (Orange Handle and Black Metal)
2. Truphe Garden Scissor, Garden Pruner, Garden Cutter Gardening Cut Tools (Set Of 3)
3. Ugaoo Cocopeat Block for Garden & Plants 10 Kg
4. Kraft Seeds Plastic Pot with Bottom Plate, Red, 8 inch, Pack of 12
5. SPYLARK’S™ Heavy Duty Planter Gamla Bottom Plate/Tray/Saucer Base Plate/Dip Tray for Flower Pots-Black (6inch)(Pack of 6)
6. BIO BLOOMS AGRO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Tharpaulin Grow Bag, White, 24x24x40 cm, Pack of 20

7. TrustBasket Enriched Premium Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix with Required Fertilizers for Plants – 10 KG

8. Klassic KL-100 Premium Quality Plastic Green Watering Can for plants/ Garden/ with Sprayer (5 Liters)

9. TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand – 24 inches (Set of 4)

10.GUARD Certified Organic Bio Fungicide for Seeds and Young Plants Trichoderma viride (100)
OrganicDews Trichoderma Viride Powder – (2 x 10^8 CFU per Gram) Bio Fungicide (250 g) – Prevents Fungal and
11.B07BHNG2WB Liebigs Cutting Aid Rooting Hormone Powder (100 Gm)

12.DIVINE TREE Fast Root Dry Powder Rooting Hormone for Plant Grow Nutrition 50 Gram

Organic Farms Complete Plant protection Kit for Indoor and Outdoor flowering plants , 100 ml Organic insecticide ,
Organic Insecticide for All Types of Plants and Gardens. 100% Water Soluble and Organic Easy to use and


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