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How Light, Nutrients, and Heat Affect Hydroponic Peas

They were supposed to be micro-greens but there was nothing micro about them.

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26 commenti su “How Light, Nutrients, and Heat Affect Hydroponic Peas”

  1. I just recently grew my first microgreens. I grew peas along with other stuff and realized I could have been eating the pea shoots a lots sooner. The stalks get tough real quick. I think I will try growing them hydroponically next time. My chickens got the leftovers too.

  2. This may be a common and/or silly question.. But have you ever thought about setting up a small aquaponics system and raising some tilapia or something along with your plants?
    I'd love to see a comparison video between aquaponically grown plants with naturally cycled nutrients vs. Hydroponic plants with supplied nutrients.
    Amazing videos as always Jeb. It's an absolute pleasure every time I see your channel's name pop up in my notifications.

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