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Aquaponic system in greenhouse

Hi! We’re Hydroponics China | Commercial hydroponic systems manufacturer –

Your professional hydroponic farming system supplier, which is an agricultural high-tech enterprise customized design-free, research, development, production, and local services. Focusing on hydroponic and aeroponic solutions for indoor or outdoor with all kinds of growing systems.

. NFT Hydroponic System
. Hydroponic Tower System
. Vertical Hydroponic System
. Hydroponic Fodder System
. Shipping Container Farm
. Ebb and Flow System
. Greenhouse Hydroponic System

With these systems, there’s never any question as to what to do, please depending on the type of plants you want to grow, choose the right system.
For Instance, Strawberry, Raspberries, Organic Vegetables ( tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, green onion, mushroom, spinach..)
Fodder ( grass, like the wheatgrass or barley grass and so on )
Herbs ( ginseng, parsley, saffron, etc )

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